We Specialise In Activations


Live events are dynamic and engaging experiences that bring people together. The addition of activations that involve the guests can enhance the overall experience by providing visual and auditory stimulation, helping to create a memorable and impactful event. Video can also serve to reinforce key messages and themes, adding a level of professionalism and polish to the event. Furthermore, activations involving Corpcast can be used to capture and share highlights from the event, creating a lasting impression and promoting future events. Whether it’s live streaming, creating highlights reels, or producing marketing content, activations can be a powerful tool to bring a live event to life and ensure it is remembered long after it has ended.

CASE STUDY: HOKA running shoes held a run along Bondi Beach with the event held at the surf club. Each participant was able to be filmed in front of a green screen, and that signal was composited onto a background and projected onto the exterior of the building. The video clip was captured and replayed to allow the guest an opportunity to go outside and see themselves on a 3 story building, record the video on their phone and share via socials.

Endeavour Energy Interactive Display Wall